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hitsukuro's Journal

i'm mainly using this place to look up pics and fics on my favorite tv shows, characters, etc. to me, this place is better than any other website. so many like minded ppl here all in one pot. i hope to make a few friends here. but let's see what happens. i don't have much of a work life because of health reasons and a previous work injury. i'm trying to get my life in order. at the moment, i'm at a standstill though my counselor is trying to get me a better job and to return to school. i don't know about school yet since i still don't know what i want to be when i 'grow up'. lol. i don't get much support from my family except the occasional 'You can do it' crap. so it's hard to get motivated. action speaks louder than words in my little world. i'm generally online, in my own zone. it's better there than the real world. i am trying to get established in this world. i'm considering a few classes for next semester but i don't know if i can actually pull them off with acceptable grades. i'm going to try anyway so i can say that i did. i like to involve my brother in activities that i do, such as working out and walking. he's my only friend with the same sadistic sense of humor as i. we get along very well. he's more passive than i which sucks because i love to roughhouse :( that's all i'll write for now. you'll know more about me on my journal. i find it better to type out my personal life than writing it down. out of sight out of mind, i guess.